Shady AF! Taylor Swift’s Backup Dancer Just Revealed The Real Meaning Of Look What You Made Me Do

Not what we were expecting.

While we were all searching for Easter Eggs and hidden shade in Taylor’s new vid Look What You Made Me Do, we all missed one crucial detail: um, what exactly have Taylor’s haters made her do?

It’s both the song’s title and chorus and yet none of us have asked what kind of revenge Taylor is explicitly referring to. Thankfully her backup dancer Todrick Hall has cleared things up somewhat.

“I’m so inspired by her,” he shared with ET. “And when she says, ‘Look what you made me do,’ she means, Look what you made me do…. You made me break records, you made me sell more records than anyone else…. It’s just really insane.”

The other question? Who exactly is the ‘you’ she’s referring to? Well, with disses littered through the video seemingly aimed at Kim, Kanye and Katy Perry, we can only assume that they’re ones she’s attributing her success to.

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