‘She Doesn’t Even Go Here!’: Here’s What Damian From Mean Girls Looks Like Now

You GO Glen Coco.

Damian Leigh, played by Daniel Franzese, was one of Mean Girls’ most iconic characters and was responsible for some of the movie’s most memorable lines including ‘You Go Glen Coco’ and ‘She doesn’t even go here.’

Now, 13 years since the movie’s release, we’ve stumbled across his Instagram account and he’s looking hella different.

These days, Daniel’s still acting and has appeared in War Of The Worlds and CSI, as well as curating art shows.

The rest of the Means Girls cast aren’t doing too badly either. Lindsay Lohan has gone on to star in various movies since then, while Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried have had starring roles in numerous box offices smashes.

Following its release in 2004, Mean Girls ranked number one at the box office on its opening weekend and grossed $130million worldwide. Just another reason to watch it all over again, huh?

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