Shook? Kendall’s Twitter Activity Reveals How She Really Feels About The Pepsi Ad Controversy

She's yet to speak publicly about the drama.

Kendall and Pepsi have faced a tonne of backlash since the release of the company’s latest commercial. ICYMI, the ad shows Kendall resolving a protest by handing a police officer a can of Pepsi, and Twitter has been up in arms

While Pepsi have since withdrawn the ad and issued a statement, saying they were trying to “project a global message of unity” but “missed the mark, Kendall has kept noticeably schtum on the matter.

A quick glance through her Twitter feed however, might reveal how Kenny really feels about the drama.

Take a look and you’ll notice that Kenny has been liking loads of tweets that praise the ad and her involvement in it.

Here are just a few messages of support she’s given her approval to…

However, it’s worth noting that Kendall hasn’t liked any tweets about her Pepsi ad appearance since its release on April 4th.

In fact, she has been on social media hiatus since all the drama erupted yesterday on April 5th.

Hmm. Sounds like Kendall might be keeping a low profile until all the controversy blows over.

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