Sly! So Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Ready For It’ Is *Probably* About Her Romance With Harry Styles

Their fans have some theories.

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift dropped her new song …Ready For It? Over the weekend and theories surrounding what (or should that be who?) the song is about are already doing the rounds.

Some are convinced the new track is all about Tay’s new romance with Joe Alwyn, but loads of die-hard Taylor fans are pointing to another theory, suggesting the song is in fact about the singer’s short-lived relationship with Harry Styles.

Why so? Well, it all stems from the lyric about a guy who is “younger than my exes but he act like such a man so.” At 23, Harry is younger than Taylor’s previous boyfriends, like Tom Hiddleston (36), Calvin Harris (33) and Joe Jonas (28) and he’s also younger than her current boyf Joe, who is 26.

Not convinced? Fans say there’s more evidence to support their claims about the track being about Harry. In particular they point to Taylor’s lyric about ghosts and phantoms, which many say is a reference to Harry’s track Two Ghosts.

Hmm. What do you reckon? Is the track really about Harry or is it all just coincidence?

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