So Apparently This Is The Biggest Online Dating Dealbreaker

Who knew this would be such a turn-off?!

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So, you’ve taken about a million selfies to get the perfect profile pic (not too racy but not too tame, y’know?) and you’ve edited and re-edited your bio until it’s perfect. Now you’re just waiting to reel in the matches, but it’s, er, not happening.

So what gives?

Well dating app Zoosk recently conducted some (well-needed) research to find out what the ultimate turn-off is when it comes to online dating and as it turns out spelling and grammar mistakes are the biggest deal breakers.

The study found that a whopping 72% of the 9,000 people surveyed believed that poor spelling and bad grammar were instant turn offs.

The 72% believed that poor spelling and bad grammar demonstrated that they are either too busy or too lazy. Essentially it looks like they don’t care enough to give their messages a quick proof read.

The study also revealed that overuse of pop culture phrases like ‘OMG!’ or ‘LOL’ could decrease your response rate by an unbelievable 47%.

So, make sure your sentences are well thought out, have a quick read over what you’ve written for spelling errors and stop abbreviating words if you wanna get more swipes right and less swipes left.

*quietly slips off to edit Tinder bio…


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