So Instagram Has A Secret Inbox You Never Knew About And It’s Probably Full Of Weird Messages

Approach with caution.

Instgram Secret Inbox

Ping! In our constantly switched on lives there are few things better than getting a notification, but if you’re on Instagram you may have been missing some important messages, thanks to their newly-discovered message requests folder.

The secret inbox (which is kinda similar to the one recently found on Facebook) contains messages that the app has filtered out from accounts that you don’t interact with or follow.

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Curiosity got the better of us and we had to see what messages we might have been missing.

First, here’s how to access the inbox:

Open up the app and click the icon on the top right corner. From there, you should see a ‘message requests’ option highlighted in blue. Click in to that and it will load all your messages.

Among team STELLAR’s many message requests were a few strangers dropping by to say ‘hi’, the odd ‘follow for follow’, a direct message about cheese (?) and a dubious mail about winning a large sum of money.

Our advice? Approach the inbox with caution. One STELLAR staffer opened hers to find an unsolicited dick pic. (How lovely!)

We guess Instagram filters out those messages for a reason, huh?

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