So This Is How Big A Guy’s Penis Needs To Be To Actually Fit Into An Extra Large Condom

Tell him this the next time he protests that the condom's too small.


For guys who don’t like to wear a condom, there’s one major excuse that they use time and again: “Uh, a regular sized one just won’t fit” but thanks to a report on Metro UK we can finally conclude, that for most guys, that is absolute bullsh*t.

You see a normal condom is about 2.0 inches wide and 7.9 inches long, while in comparison an XL Durex is 2.2 inches wide and 8.4 inches long.

To put that into perspective, one study puts the average penis at about 5.6 inches long when it’s erect, meaning for most guys there’s a whole lotta extra, um, leg room in an extra large condom.

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Protection-wise that’s bad news because condoms that don’t fit correctly are more likely to rip or slide off.

The lesson? Unless your fella is one of the estimated one in five guys who has a bigger than average willy, make sure he’s wearing a condom that actually fits.

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