So This Is What Taylor Swift Was *Really* Like In High School, According To One Of Her Classmates

“She was pretty cool, but certainly not the ugly unpopular duckling she portrays.”

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Ever wondered what celebs were like before they got famous? We do all the time. Like, were they always so confident and self assured? Surely they went through the shy and awkward teenage phase too, right?

Well, answering some of those questions is our new favourite Reddit thread.

The thread asks past teachers and classmates of celebrities to reveal what the A-listers were really like back in their school days, before they made it big, and one celeb that really caught our curiosity in the comments is Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Reckon Tay was the dorky, unpopular kid that she makes out to be in many of her songs?

Not so, according to SmilesLookGreatOnYou. They say:

“I went to high school and was in the same graduating class as Taylor Swift. Even had a few classes with her. She was pretty cool, but certainly not the ugly unpopular duckling she portrays.

“Was pretty cool having her preform at talent shows, etc. News crews would follow her around the halls as she began to blow up. She even preformed at a mutual friend’s funeral.

“As a freshman, she really only dated seniors for instance, which is who that ‘Drew’ guy is in her, like, first hit.

“Also, side note, on her first CD, there is a special thanks to a group of her friends. All of them being the ‘popular ones’.

“No joke, she was known. Sophomore year she would have to leave for weeks at a time to shoot commercials.

“Yeah…. she was pretty damn popular. She did however threaten to sue another band (super emo, edgy) for making and preforming a song named ‘Taylor Swift Takes Cum Shots’. Believe that if you will. But it caused QUITE the controversy in school haha…”

Interesting, huh? Tay wasn’t the only celeb whose pre-fame past was revealed. Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan are all in there too.


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