So Usher Really Sucks At Paddleboarding And The Pics Are Hilarious

He tried his hand at the water sport and totally failed.

We don’t know what it is about paddleboarding but it’s a sport that seems to be favoured by celebrities.

First Orlando Bloom was spotted paddleboarding naked off the coast of Italy in August with his then girlfriend Katy Perry, and now Usher is having a go, fully clothed.

But far from being a natural, it seems Usher, who was vaycaying in Hawaii at the time, had more than a little trouble holding his balance and the snaps are downright hilarious…

Unfortunately for Usher, paps also captured the moment he completely fell off the board and into the water. Doh.

Fans concerned for his safety needn’t worry though. He was spotted sun lounging sans shirt a short time afterwards.

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