Sob! Here’s Why Scarlett Moffatt And Her Family Have Been Permanently Axed From Gogglebox

Scar says she's "gutted" that they'll no longer be involved in the show.

Scarlett Moffat Family NTAs

We’re hooked on Gogglebox Ireland, but long before the show came to our shores, we were massive fans of the UK version, and our all-time favourite family was the Moffatts from Country Durham, England.

Scarlett Moffatt was undoubtedly the star of the show and quickly became the reason the programme made for such compulsive viewing, but sadly, she and her family will not be returning to Gogglebox’s next season, set to air this Friday (February 24th).

The family opted out of the show last season while Scarlett made her appearance on I’m A Celebrity… but Channel 4 has now confirmed that they’ll be permanently gone from the show going forward.

“The whole premise of Gogglebox is normal people commenting on the TV. Scarlett is now a celebrity in her own right so it made sense she wouldn’t continue,” a spokesperson for Channel 4 confirmed.

Gutted? So’s Scarlett, and on Monday evening she confessed that she had hoped her mum, dad and sister would still be able to appear on the show without her.

“We are gutted to, thought my Mam and dad (and little Ava) would still be able to do it but we will still be watching #gogglebox” she wrote in response to a tweet.

Thankfully, there’s no bad blood about the decision, as Scar has taken to Instagram to say how excited she is to watch the show.

“We are going to miss doing #gogglebox so so much,” she wrote under a snap of her and her parents at the NTAs. “But can’t wait to watch the new series (good luck my fellow goggleboxers you will smash it love the Moffatts).”

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