STELLAR Stars In Fair City! (Well, Sorta)

Imagine our surprise when Damien picked up a copy and brought it to the till. Well, we knew we were loved, but not like this...

ALERT: Ireland’s favourite glossy (er, us, keep up!), made it onto the shelves of Carrigstown’s Spar where it was eagerly snapped up by Damien last night (thanks @shelbouse, who alerted us on Twitter) on the flimsy pretext that it was for his girlfriend Caoimhe.

Just imagine us with our hands on our hips and our eyebrows (so on fleek, BTW), raised in pointed fashion.

Damo, we know you love STELLAR. No shame in admitting it. We know you come for #ProjectHappy and you stay for the fashion; but buddy – do you not know we’ve a new issue out? Yup – Olivia P’s on our current cover, so get another €2 ready and back down the shops with you, like a good lad. #sorted.