‘Still Someone I Love’: Could Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Be Getting Back Together?

What does it all mean?

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

We were seriously devo when we heard news of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s split last year.

Then for a tiny second hopes that the pair were back on were reignited when they were spotted having a casual stroll together in London back in August.

And then nothing. NADA. There were no more sightings of them together or comment from either camp about a reconciliation.

To make things worse, now Emma has made some comments during an interview with Vogue that have only confused things further.

“He’s someone I still love very much,” she told the mag, offering fans a teeny glimmer of hope that she and Andrew could still be considering a reunion.

Making things even more unclear, Emma then went on to describe her year of being single as “interesting,” and adding “It’s been a good year. And sad. Pros and cons.”

So what does it all mean? Well with Emma confirming that she’s definitely a single pringle to Vogue, no recent romantic strolls together that we know of and no comment from Andrew, we’re sorry to say that all odds are suggesting that these two really are over for good. Sob.