Suzanne Jackson Reveals Wedding Dress Disaster

She nearly wore something entirely different.

Fans were intrigued to see what top blogger Suzanne Jackson would wear on her wedding day, and she did not disappoint.

The 32-year-old opted for a stunning princess dress with lace sleeves, for her church ceremony.

Sue also had two other beautiful gowns for her big day, but reveals that she had a near disaster when it came to the first dress.

The newlyweds spoke exclusively to our sister publication VIP Magazine about their big day and Sue revealed that she almost wore something entirely different.

“The first dress I made bespoke with a designer from the USA called Hayley Paige. But there’s a bit of a story with the dress,” she told VIP

“I went dress shopping last December to a couple of boutiques and the moment I walked into McElhinneys in Donegal I knew I was going to get my dress there. I have never seen a bridal shop like it, it’s amazing, it’s an experience, it’s huge.

“Anyway, I decided on a dress that I thought was perfect. But in hindsight I think I kind of rushed the decision because I had so much work on. And as the months rolled on, I became doubtful.”

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The blogger explained that when she began to question her choice, she went to her mum for advice.

“Then one night, I was in the bath and I just got this urge to ring my mum and tell her I didn’t like my dress. I said, ‘mum I’m going to send you a picture of the dress and I want you to tell me honestly what you think’. She wrote back, ‘no’! I went for my dress fitting in May, and when I tried it on I cried. I was like, ‘get it off me, I don’t want it!'”

Sue then decided to create her own dress with the US designer, and didn’t even see the gown until a couple of weeks before the wedding.

“I was lucky that the boutique had a great relationship with the designer and they contacted her directly and were like, ‘no problem, what does she want?’

“So, I had a Skype conversation with the designer Hayley Paige and I told her that I wanted to design my own gown from start to finish. And that’s what I did. I didn’t want anyone else to have worn a similar dress.”

Suzanne was named Ireland’s most stylish woman at the VIP Style awards so it’s not surprise she felt under pressure to find the perfect dress.

“I think initially I wasn’t staying true to me, and I was picking a dress that I thought people might like me in. I only actually saw the dress two weeks before the wedding and I was very panicked about it. But I bloody loved it!”

You can hear all about Sue’s three dresses as well as all the details about the big day, along with exclusive pictures, in the new issue of VIP, on shelves today.

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