Taylor Swift Just Had A Big Win In Her Groping Court Case

The accused appeared in court yesterday

Taylor Swift has been dealing with unwanted drama these past few weeks, as she has been appearing in court alongside DJ David Mueller, who has been accused of groping her at a music festival in 2013.

Mueller had counter claimed that Taylor and her team had deliberately conspired to get him fired, and therefore result in loss of earnings and ultimately ruined his career.

News coming from the courtroom today has revealed that US District Judge William Martinez has thrown out the DJ’s claim against Taylor Swift, as he could not prove that the pop star had personally set out to damage his career.


David denies groping the Bad Blood singer, and was seeking up to $3 million in compensation from Taylor and her team.

There is yet to be any ruling regarding the groping accusations, but with Taylor taking to the stand this week, we expect more news to be imminent.




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