Tea Or Coffee? Here’s Which One Irish People Officially Love Best

We're surprised, TBH.

Woman drinking tea

The STELLAR office is a team of coffee drinkers. Seriously, we can’t start the day without a cup of joe and there’s hardly a day goes by that we aren’t gasping for a second cuppa come 3pm.

Sure we love the odd cup an tae but when it comes to getting an instant caffeine hit coffee trumps tea every.single.time.

That’s why, when it comes to Ireland’s favourite brew, we were a little surprised to learn that the overwhelming majority of people would rather a big mug of Barry’s than a freshly brewed coffee.

Compared to our friends in the rest of Europe, who are predominately coffee fans, it seems that Ireland is a nation of tea drinkers.

A map by The Economist shows that 86.5% of Irish people would choose tea, compared to only 13.5% who’d rather grab a coffee.

We don’t care what the stats say. We’ll still be reaching for a latte when we need that extra little push to make it through the afternoon.

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