The Amount Of Security In Zoella’s New Home Is Legit Insane

The YouTuber and her boyfriend Alfie previously had fans show up at their home unannounced.

In case you missed it, Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes have just moved into the house of dreams. The YouTube power couple shared a vid of their incredible new home and now they’ve dished the dirt on the security measures they’ve taken to ensure they feel safe.

Previously the pair tweeted their anger at fans showing up at their house in Brighton in hopes of an autograph, after a publication revealed their address, and now following their move, it seems they’re intent on letting fans know this kind of behaviour won’t be happening again.

Speaking of the security measures in his latest vid, Alfie revealed the couple have installed everything from facial recognition cameras to panic buttons throughout the house.

“We have so much security and tech in this house. It’s insane,” he explained. “We’ve got things in the corner of every room that as soon as we go to bed, or if we go to sleep or into particular rooms, the security kicks in. If we ever get broken into or there are any intruders, they make an instant call to the police.

He continued: “Another thing we have in this house, which I didn’t know we were getting, but I love it and it makes me feel really safe, is panic buttons. We have panic buttons hidden all over the house. If you press it at any time, 24/7 365 days a year, every single police car in the area that’s available will come to the house. A police helicopter will even come. The police will climb over the walls to the house and check every single place in the entire house.

“We have cameras everywhere. They monitor over all the walls around the house, and above all the gates. When people ring on the door bell or come up to the gates, it’s all recorded and tracked, and their faces are detected. I feel so safe in here.”

Basically, fans won’t be sunbathing in their garden anytime soon.

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