The Average Cost Of Attending An Irish Wedding Has Been Revealed

Gonna be a wedding guest this summer? That'll cost you back a helluva lot of spends according to the findings of this study.


Are you off to witness a friend or family member’s upcoming nuptials? Well, you’d better get saving, cos a new study by the Bank Of Ireland and weddingsonline has found that the average cost of attending an Irish wedding has soared in 2015.

Yep, to witness the “I dos” you’ll need the hefty sum of €800. A tad ridic, right?

The biggest expense was revealed as the gift, with 40% of those surveyed saying they’d spend more than €200 on a present for a close friend or family member. After that, attending the hen or stag (€200), accommodation expenses (€150), and buying an outfit (€100) racked up the largest bills.

The study also revealed that most of us attend two weddings a year, with a busy 20% of us attending four or more. Of those surveyed, 38% even ‘fessed up to declining a wedding invitation because they couldn’t afford the cost of attending.

Guess we’ll be ditching our morning latte habit and impulsive Saturday spending until wedding season’s over then.