The Dream! The Instagram Update We’ve All Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!

How has it taken this long, seriously?


It’s the app that makes our lives look more glossy and our selfies more flawless, but though Instagram may well be one of our favourite social media account it’s always had one minor flaw.

Um, why the hell can’t you zoom in on pictures? It’s a failing that’s always left us dangerously treading the line of double-tapping a photo, which, when you’re 68 weeks deep into an exes’ account isn’t exactly ideal.

But fear no more ladypals, because Instagram have just introduced the pinch-to-zoom function, meaning stalking your boss/ex/crush just got a whole lot easier.

Instagram announced the news on their own account yesterday, and many peeps have taken to Twitter to share their delight about the new function.

Now excuse us, we’re off to scroll through pics of our old boyfriend’s cousin’s dog.

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