The First Trailer For The Ring 3 Is Here And It Looks Legitimately Terrifying

As if The Ring 1 and 2 weren't enough to scare you sh*tless, a third installment is on its way.

The Ring

The Ring, released back in 2002, was easily one of the most terrifying films of the Noughties.

But just incase you haven’t experienced the utter terror of the movie, let us fill you in.

The plot centers on a nightmarish videotape that kills those who watch it within seven days, but not before they are tormented for a week by Samara, a creepy, well-dwelling ghost girl with a horrific (and trust us on this, deeply unsettling) past.

Now, the franchise is back with a third instalment, Rings, – and we’re not kidding with you when we say that it’s more terrifying than ever before.

Rings is given a modern update for the YouTube generation, and instead of a videotape, a viral video clip is now doing the rounds and bringing horror and ultimately death to anyone who watches it.

Expect plane crashes, skin peeling and extreme supernatural behaviour.

Feeling brave? Rings arrives in cinemas on November 4th.

Um, yeah, we think we’ll just stick with watching Disney, thanks.