The Guilty Kindle Confession You Absolutely Have To Read

I've got something to admit to about that eReader addiction...

Girl is reading with an Ebook Reader on the bed

When Rosemary wrote last week about millennials preferring paper books to the lure of the Kindle and outed me as the only member of the team who actually uses my iPad with Kindle app to get my reading fix, I felt a bit guilty…

I basically use my iPad to hide my guilty trashy book secret from the world.

To start with, I’m not a millennial (Gen Xer) and er, here’s the thing. I basically use my iPad for reading for one reason, and one reason alone: to hide my guilty trashy book secret from the world.

Yup, I still buy lots of paper books, but only the ones I want people to see on my bookshelves. For example, I’d never download Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant, because I want the physical copy of it to look and admire in all its quality ways, but I have had sweaty nightmares about what’d happen if anyone became privy to the contents of my Kindle, though.

Reams of sub-par crime fiction, awful sci-fi, pathology-fic, Jack Reacher, Ken Follets to beat the band (Pillars Of The Earth, yo) and god knows what else. I’ll even confess to a… fondness for Jeffrey Archer. Yes, I did download Kane and Abel recently.

And this is what I’m admitting to!? Can you begin to imagine what else is on there? No, no, it’s definitely best if we leave it at that. #scarlet