The Ideal Number Of Sexual Partners Has Been Revealed

According to a new study, this is how many people you'll get busy with before you find the one.

Samantha Jones Sex And The City

We’re taking this latest research with a pinch of salt, but according to a study by, 10 is the ideal number of sexual partners.

Er, why’s that then?

The study asked 1,000 men and women how many lovers they’d like a new partner to have, and the majority agreed that 10 was the perfect number, with 38 percent of women and 37 percent of men agreeing that between eight and 12 seemed just right.

According to the poll, people who had slept with more than this number were considered promiscuous, while less than 10 was thought to be sexually inexperienced.

The kicker though? Only 35 percent of women said they’d actually want to know their SO’s sexual history, with 30 percent of guys saying the same, so whatever your number, your other half might not want to know anyway.

Whaddya reckon? Does 10 seem just right, and more importantly, would you actually want to know in the first place?


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