The Name Kylie Jenner Has Chosen For Her First Child Is As Batsh*t As You’d Expect It To Be

News broke of her rumoured pregnancy over the weekend.

Unless you spent the weekend without internet access you’ll be fully aware by now that news has leaked of Kylie Jenner’s rumoured pregnancy. The reality star is said to be expecting her first child with her boyfriend of four months Travis Scott.

Now, news outlets are reporting that Kylie has already picked a name for the little tot and it’s symbolic of her relationship with Travis.

The bookies reckon ‘Butterfly’ will likely be the little one’s name as it’s actually a symbol of Kylie and Travis’ love for each other.

The couple got matching butterfly tattoos earlier this year, after just a few short months of dating.

Of course, Kylie, who is said to be expecting a girl, is yet to confirm that this’ll be the little one’s name. In fact, she’s yet to confirm she’s even pregnant, so at this point everything is just pure speculation.

Still, knowing the A-list’s penchant for unusual names, we reckon Butterfly would be a fitting moniker for KJ’s first little nipper.

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