The One Where Chandler Dies: This Lost Friends Episode Is Guaranteed To Give You Chills

So very grim.

Friends, Chandler dies

With 236 episodes of Friends over the show’s 10-year history, we’d be hard-pressed to pick our fave.

One instalment of the show that’s definitely not getting our vote however is the recently recovered episode The One Where Chandler Dies.

Basically, it’s a super-cut of loads of episodes created by a fan of the show, that imagines just exactly what would have happened if Chandler had been knocked down and killed by an ice cream truck, later returning to haunt his five friends as a ghost.

And oh my, it’s chilling. Seriously, could we BE anymore disturbed?

The 16-minute clip shows Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross and Phoebe all dealing with grief in the aftermath of Chandler’s death, and just as the five friends are ready to move on, he comes back into their lives as a poltergeist.

We mean, kudos to person who created it, but we’re totally shook.

Give it a watch for yourself, but be warned, you may need a tissue.


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