The Secret Behind Holly Willoughby’s Recent Weight Loss Has Been Revealed

She's looking particularly trim.

We adore Holly Willoughby. Her presenting talent, killer style and bubbly personality make her a gal we’d be more than happy to sit down and have the chats with.

Of late, we’ve been scrolling her Instagram feed and admiring her daily #OOTD’s, and like loads of her fans, we’ve noticed she’s been looking particularly trim.

Now, the secret behind her recent weight loss has been revealed. According to The Mirror, it’s down to one popular exercise class: Pilates.

While we’ve no doubt that a healthy diet and trips to the gym have played their part, adding a weekly Pilates class into her routine is said to have paid divends for Holly.

We love that the This Morning presenter has been taking a slow and steady approach to weight loss too, as it’s said she first approached her pilates instructor Lynne Robinson back in 2011. She told The Mirror: “Holly had postnatal matt work classes, which concentrated on strengthening and toning her core.”

Hats off to Holly for setting a great example and proving that you don’t need to do anything drastic if you want to make some changes.

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