The Super Obvious Error You Never Noticed About Ross In Friends

How could we not have spotted this?

Ross In Friends


It’s the comedy series we simply can’t get enough of, and despite wrapping on filming a whole 12 years ago, we never seem to tire of watching New York’s most popular besties take on love and friendship in the big smoke.

Seriously, could we BE anymore obsessed?

But a closer look at the show, reveals a whole lotta inconsistencies. Like the number on Monica’s apartment door changing from a five at the beginning of the series, to a 20 when the show’s writers realised that her apartment is several floors up and would likely be in the higher numbers.

Or that time Joey says he is one of seven kids in season one but then says he has seven sisters in a later episode.

The one we really can’t believe got past us though?

Er, how exactly did Ross Geller stay 29 years of age for a whole three years?

In a weird case of irony, paleontologist Ross seems to defy science by staying the same age across series three, four and five, despite the fact we’ve seen three Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes over that time.

Ross Geller

Watch it back if you don’t believe us; he says he’s 29 in all three seasons.

Even more bizarre is that Ross also seems to have two birthdays, telling Gunther in season four that he was born in December and later telling Joey in season nine that his birthday is October 18th.

Freak of nature or writer slip-up? Yeah, we think it’s the latter.


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