The Trailer For Beyoncé’s Netflix Documentary Has Just Dropped And It Looks UNREAL

The rumours were true!

We know you’ve heard the rumours, but it’s officially been announced that a Beyoncé documentary is coming to Netflix.

Last night, Netflix teased that something big was coming to the platform on April 17th. All they gave away was that it was titled Homecoming.

Fans were already pretty convinced that a Beyoncé documentary was coming, but now Netflix have confirmed the rumours with a trailer.

The documentary will follow the lead up to Bey’s iconic Coachella performance last year. It will present an intimate look at the process of developing Beyoncé’s massive performances at the festival, from idea conception right through to production on the night.

The documentary will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews about the intent behind the star’s vision for the performance.

Watch the full trailer here!


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