The Ultimate Insult? Jean Bernard Apparently Felt Like One Of Cheryl’s Staff When They Were Married

'Maybe Cheryl failed to understand that JB, like any person, needs to feel wanted.'

It’s been seven months since Cheryl and Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini ended their marriage, and it looks like both stars have moved on, with Cheryl dating One Direction’s Liam Payne and rumours circulating that JB might be seeing MIC’s Nicola Hughes.

But one thing’s been bugging us: er, why did the pair split in the first place?

So far nothing concrete has been reported about what ended their relationship, but now a source close to JB may have offered some crucial clues.

Chatting to Now! Magazine the source revealed that JB felt ‘ignored’ and ‘barely acknowledged’ at certain points in their marriage, and that things came to a head at one particularly awkward encounter at The X Factor live shows in 2014.

“He came over and she allowed him to kiss her on the forehead before returning to his seat a few rows back from the judges’ podium. It was awkward,” the source said.

Cheryl And JB

But problems allegedly emerged before that with the source explaining that JB often felt like just another ‘member of staff’ to Cheryl and speculating that ‘Maybe Cheryl failed to understand that JB, like any person, needs to feel wanted.’

Whatever the real cause of their split though, it’s likely to be a costly decision for Cheryl. It’s reported that the pair didn’t sign a pre-nup and that Cheryl will have to pay out an estimated €5million to her former hubby once their divorce has gone through.


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