The Unknown Way Tinder Could Be Ruining Your Love Life

This might make you think twice about swiping left and right.

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We don’t know about you, but the single girls among the STELLAR crew have a serious Tinder habit, and you’ll often find us whiling away several minutes (or an hour, if we’re honest) swiping left and right past all our potential matches within a 10-mile radius.

But journalist and Tinder user Sam Goorwich has us thinking twice about our Tinder usage with her latest comments about the app.

Speaking on Radio 4’s The Long View programme, Sam says “the thing with online dating and Tinder in particular is that it’s making people less likely to commit. Users always think there’s something better out there, so even in the early stages of relationships, people are still going on Tinder and still looking for new partners or a better partner”.

I feel quite wary of dating sites and I think a lot of people are beginning to feel the same.

Lisa, 26, who is an avid user of the popular app agrees and believes that users are beginning to recognise this problem. “People are getting more selective again,” she says. “Tinder has given me a huge range of choices and now women are trying to par back those choices with more niche dating apps.”

Despite this, she admitts she doesn’t feel optimistic about online dating and believes that to win romance back, dating needs to start off-screen. “My ideal would be to meet someone, shock horror, in real life, where you can make a real connection with them,” she says.

“I feel quite wary of dating sites and I think a lot of people are beginning to feel the same,” she continues. “I’ve matched with heaps of possible suitors and had a few dates, but none that have blown me away, and sadly they haven’t worked for me.”

What do you think? Have apps like Tinder made dating too disposable or can swiping right lead to a lasting commitment?

By Jennifer Conway.


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