The Viewing Figures For This Year’s Late Late Toy Show Have Been Released – And WOW!

It was the most watched show of 2016, don'cha know.

Picture: Andres Poveda

If you cancelled plans on Friday night simply so you could stay in to watch The Late Late Toy Show then it seems you certainly weren’t alone.

The programme attracted an average audience of 1.4million viewers, making it the most watched show on Irish television so far this year.

Not bad, huh?

Add to that, the programme had its highest viewing figures since 2011, with four out of every five people watching telly on Friday night tuning in to the family TV fave.

RTE Player also had a surge in viewers, with Toy Show fans tuning in across 102 countries.

So popular was the programme in fact, that the #LateLateToyShow hashtag was still trending this morning.

Ah, we’re off to relive all the best moments on YouTube. Toy Show pyjamas ‘n’ all.


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