These Are The Biggest Turn Offs To Men, According To Reddit

While we'd never change ourselves for a fella, we were a tad curious when we came across this Reddit thread.

Guy turn offs

When we stumbled on a Reddit thread entitled What Features Of A Girl Makes You Like/Dislike Them Immediately, we were more than a little curious, but also a little scared to click into it. Would we really like what we read?

The answer? Well, yes and no. These were the main things guys said they found instantly unattractive in a girl…


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While we can side with the guys on some things – being constantly glued to your phone? That’s not cool. Smoking? Probably not the sexiest thing a girl can do – we weren’t too happy about others; being big on the Kardashians? We’re major KUWTK fans. And drawn-on eyebrows? We’ll style our brows whatever way we damn well please.

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The good news is, confidence, independence and good manners are totally hot, and sometimes, as this guy points out, your ‘flaws’ can become one of your biggest assets, so while we won’t be ditching our Kardashian habit any time soon, we might just find a way to make it work to our advantage.


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