These Are The Three Special Names Adele Has For Her Vagina

Adele making us LOL as always.

Adele At The Brit Awards 2016

Is there anything our fabulous March cover star Adele can’t do? Last night she scooped four Brit awards including the gong for global success, her album 25 is the biggest selling album released since 2011 and she’s the first woman in the history of Billboard Hot 100 to have three simultaneous top 10 singles.

Music aside though, one thing she’s particular skilled at is being absolutely endearing and unintentionally funny. Case in point her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While we laughed out loud at the hilarious voicemail she recorded for Ellen and the prank she played on Jamba Juice employees, there was one particularly funny segment that didn’t make the cut and wasn’t aired.

In the clip, Adele and Ellen play a game of Five-Second Rule where each contestant is given a category and must name three things within that category in five seconds.

The funniest part? When Adele names the three nicknames she has for her vagina. They are: mini-moo, vajayjay and, er, pizza.

Thankfully, she also explained why she has these three unusual names for her lady garden.

“Mini-moo is for when you’re talking to kids, vajayjay is like “hey,” and pizza is “when someone’s nasty,” she tells Ellen.

Oh Adele, how we love you.


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