‘They Always Come Back’: Tyga Just Shared This Pic Of Kylie Jenner In His Bed, Then Swiftly Deleted It

Are they or aren't they back together, then?

Kylie Jenner Tyga

The Kylie Jenner-Tyga saga just gets more and more confusing.

Since their split in May, rumours have been swirling that the pair are back together, which Kylie seemed to confirm last week when she shared a pic on Instagram, chilling out in Kingston, where Tyga just happened to be filming for his new music video.

Now Tyga has added further fuel to the fire by posting a pic of Kylie sitting on his bed, with the caption “They always come back.”

Hmmph, charming!


And there’s more: Kylie shared a similar snap!

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

But Tyga’s very public hint that he and KJ are officially back on, was short-lived as he’s since deleted the snap.

Seriously, what is going on? Is this a friends-with-benefits type of relationship or are they officially back together and just playing with us?

We’re hedging our bets and saying the latter.


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