This Beauty Vlogger Is Getting Dragged For Posting A United Airlines Make-Up Tutorial

She's been blasted for mocking the now viral moment a United Airlines passenger was dragged off a flight.

Oh dear, beauty Vlogger Mykie has upset fans with her most recent video. In it the popular YouTuber detailed how to get the look of United Airlines passenger Dr David Dao, who was left bloodied after being violently removed from a flight earlier this week.

“We’re going to start by adding blood along the outsides of our mouth, and I want to give credit where credit is due. This look is inspired by United Airlines. [It’s] a much faster way of achieving this look,” she explains in the video posted to her Glam & Gore YouTube channel.

“You really want that ‘just dragged down the aisle’ kind of effect,” she adds. “Otherwise it just doesn’t truly capture the essence of this look.”

People have been blasting Mykie on Twitter for making light of the assault.

Ugh. Maybe it’s best she stick to less controversial topics in the future.

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