This Is The Age Women Officially Feel At Their Sexiest

Because sexy is a mindset, don'cha know.

Confident Woman

Confidence is something that’s a little hard to pin down. Just when you’re feeling at your most fierce something can come along and knock your new-found self-esteem for six.

Equally, when you’re feeling at your most insecure, making changes as simple as eating better, exercising or even buying a dress you feel particularly fab in can help you get your mojo back.

But while confidence is definitely something that can change almost as frequently as the weather, a new study by House Of Fraser says that there’s one particular point in our lives when we’re feeling at our best.

The brand surveyed 2000 women and found that a woman’s confidence is at its peak during her mid-30s, with 34 being the age when we feel at our sexiest.

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Why is 34 the magic number? 34% of those surveyed put it down to being in a solid relationship, 26% say it’s because they’re more confident in the bedroom and 10% attribute it to an increase in sex drive.

Interestingly though, most women said feeling sexy had very little to do with their appearance, and more to do with an overall feeling of being in control of their lives. In fact, a whopping 84% said that confidence is about being happy in yourself, rather than what you see in the mirror.

Not feeling so fabulous? Only three per cent of women said that they always feel sexy, so it’s totally normal not to feel fierce 100% of the time.

Our advice? Book in some time with your besties if you wanna get back to your best. The survey found that women felt at their most sexy when surrounded by other women. #GirlPower.

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