This Is The WORST Thing You Can Say During Sex

Things are about to get weird..

Sex can be awkward at the best of times. From leg cramps to unexpected noises, we’ve all been there.

Talking during sex can be a tricky subject to nail, with most people either loving or hating it. And let’s be honest, nobody is an expert and there’s no right or wrong – until there is.

A survey conducted by Saucy Dates has revealed the worst things people can say while doing the deed. Number one on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise, which is saying the wrong name. This tops the list for the absolute worst things to say during sex for both men and women, but we’re holding out hope that it’s a mistake seldom made.

The rest of the lists differ by gender, with the second worst thing to hear on the list for men being ‘I need a poo’. Not something we can say we’ve ever heard ourselves but the survey says what the survey says.

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The second worst thing to hear during sex for women was ‘I can’t do it’ – standard enough.

5,024 people took part in the survey and the answers are weird to say the least. The full lists of the worst things to hear during sex are as follows.

Worst things men hear
1. Saying the wrong name
2. I need a poo
3. Whats the time?
4. Is that it?
5. Get it over as quickly as possible
6. Do you think your Mom has ever tried this position?
7. What do you want for dinner tomorrow?
8. You remind me of my dad . .
9. You’re a bit small
10. What was your name again?

Worst things women hear
1. Saying the wrong name
2. I can’t do it
3. I’m going soft
4. Did you do this with your ex?
5. What’s your sister like?
6. What should I do next ?
7. I don’t love you
8. I’m breaking up with you after this
9. Can I call you mum?
10. You’re almost as good as my ex

Another surprising revelation from the survey is that men and women like to hear the same sounds in the same order of preference, with moaning being the most preferred sound, followed by dirty talk and heavy breathing.

You learn something new every day!


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