This Is What Meghan Markle’s Official Title Will Be If She Marries Prince Harry

The couple are set to make their first public appearance tomorrow.

Things are certainly getting serious for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Earlier this month Meghan gave an interview to Vanity Fair and told the mag the couple were “in love” and “very happy.” Add to that, they’re set to make their first official appearance tomorrow.

Naturally, with things heating up, people across the globe have been speculating that a royal engagement could be on the cards, so, if Meghan and Harry were to marry, what would her official title be?

Meghan’s full name is Rachel Meghan Markle but this would change if the couple tie the knot. Meghan will not however become a princess, as you can not achieve that royal title through marriage, only by birth.

But what about Princess Diana? She was a Princess, right? Well, technically speaking, no. Her official title was Diana, Princess Of Wales. She only affectionately became known as Princess Diana by the public but didn’t actually hold that rank officially.

Like, Diana, if Meghan marries Harry she’ll take on his official title, which is Prince Henry Of Wales, making her full official title Her Royal Highness Princess Henry Of Wales.

What a mouthful! Can we just call her Megs for short?

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