This Is Why You Can Never Go For “Just One” Drink

Science has found the answer.

Ladies Night - girls having fun drinking cocktails

You know the scenario. You’ve got a looming deadline or an early start but somehow your pals coax you out for ‘one’ drink. Several hours later you’re flirting with the cute bartender and fretting about the sore head you’ll have in the morning.

Well, now scientists have come up with a study that explains why you can never go for just one bevvy. The reason? It’s all to do with how many people you’re drinking with.

The study asked 200 participants to make a record every hour of how many drinks they’d consumed, and how many friends were present. The results? The more peeps at the party, the more the number of drinks increased.

Peer pressure, eh? Might just be best to stay home with a cuppa instead.