This Just In: Leonardo DiCaprio Has Announced He’s Going To Mars

And he's taking us with him. Jokes.

Leonardo Dicaprio

In seriously bad news for all of Planet Earth, Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that he’s going to Mars.

We guess given that he’s won an Oscar now and just generally achieved so much here on Mother Earth he’s a tad bored of our second-rate planet, you know?

Leo made the announcement during a Climate Change panel with President Obama and scientist Dr Katherine Hayhoe on Monday.

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“The reality of it is, if you’re a human living on this planet — which most of us are, yeah?” Hayhoe joked to Leo. “As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars. I don’t want to know if anyone has, I think you’re crazy.”

And that’s when Leo admitted that yes, in fact he is headed for Mars, simply responding “I did.”

The good news is that Leo won’t be jetting off into the cosmos any time soon. He’s apparently signed up to be on SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s first flight to the planet in 2025.

The not-so good news is that many people believe that said flight is destined to failure and carries a high risk of all onboard being killed.

How lovely.

Thankfully, we still have nine years to talk Leo out of going. Perhaps if someone offers him another Oscar he’ll stay, right? RIGHT?!


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