This Smart New Bikini Tells You When You’ve Had Too Much Sun

Don't risk sun damage. This savvy, sensor-fitted bikini lets you know when it's time to sit in the shade.

spinali designs smart bikini

Those of you who have experienced the raw red, tight, excruciating pain of a whopper sunburn, will be glad to know that there’s a new way to stay protected from UV.

That’s cos French company Spinali Design has released a bikini with an embedded sensor that’ll sound an alarm when you’ve spent too much time catching those rays.

spinali sun-sensor bikini

So how does it work? The user simply enters their skin type into a smart phone app, connected to the bikini. Then, using a sensor that monitors temperature control, the app will gauge when you’ve been in the sun too long and an alarm will sound. Pretty smart, right?

Better yet, the sensor is totally waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it when you’re cannonballing into the pool.

Sure, at €149 from the Spinali website, it’s a smidge on the pricey side, but for the sake of your health, and not looking like a lobster pool-side, we reckon it’s a pretty smart investment.

Either way, if you’re off on your hollibops, it’s mega important to stay safe in the sun, so nip into your local pharmacy and be sure to pick up one of these top five suncreams before you jet off.

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