Throwback! Kim, Kourtney And Khloe Look SO Different In This Pic Taken Before They Were Famous

Who doesn't love a good throwback, eh?


Love them or loathe them, you have to admit there’s no escaping them. There’s barely a day goes by when we aren’t reading up on the Kardashians’ love lives, nabbing tips from their hair stylists and make-up artists or swooning over their latest photo shoots.

These days the Kardashians are literally (to use one of their favourite words) always in the news, making them among the most easily recognisable faces on the planet, but rewind 10 or so years and those perfectly contoured faces weren’t nearly as well known.

Throwing it back to a time before they were super famous, Kourtney shared an adorable pic of the fam pre-fame to honour her late dad on Father’s Day.

“I miss him everyday but especially on Father’s Day when I am reminded that I was lucky enough to have the best dad in the world,” Kourtney captioned the pic. “I always knew he was an exceptional parent but after having my own kids I really knew. I try my best everyday to be the kind of parent he was to me.”

Sporting a more natural and less polished look, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are seen cuddled up to their late Dad looking happy and relaxed.

While we’re certainly more used to seeing the Kardashians looking sultry and sexy in a posed photoshot, we reckon this family pic shows them at their most beautiful.


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