Tony From 13 Reasons Why Looks Unrecognisable In Real Life

Tony, dat you?

Tony from 13 Reasons Why was arguably one of the most divisive characters from the show. Many viewers grew frustrated with him because he drew things out for Clay and refused to tell him the contents of Hannah’s tapes throughout the duration of the series.

Whatever your thoughts on his character though, you might be interested to know what Christian Navarro, AKA the actor who plays him, is like outside of the show – and if you ask us, he looks hella different.

There’s no statement leather jacket or perfectly coiffed do for Christian. In fact, the actor rocks a full on ‘tache in real life.

Just look at these pics from his Insta:

Thank you @entertainmentweekly @people You guys know how to host a party.

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Team 13 in the building. What up @mtv

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In other news, the actor recently defended the show against backlash.

“I think they’re not watching the same show,” he told People. “When we were working on it, we had tons of mental health experts on set at all times, our producers were very diligent on making sure that the tone was inclusive and helpful and not harmful.

“I think there’s always going to be controversy,” he added. “I respect their opinion, especially when it comes from a place of trying to protect their kids. I think they should listen to their children though, this is happening right now all over the world in high schools. I think the parents should watch it with them.”

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