Twitter Really Wasn’t Impressed With Joe Wicks’ Segment On Good Morning Britain Today

“This is just the most unprofessional interview I've ever seen.”

Joe Wicks Good Morning Britain

This morning, Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, AKA everyone’s favourite ridey health and fitness guru appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to talk about the release of his new book and finding fame on the internet.

And while Joe pulled an absolute blinder, viewers were none too happy with the show’s host Piers Morgan, accusing him of bullying.

In particular, fans were annoyed that Piers revealed that his co-host Susanna Reid has a crush on the Snapchat star, an admission that seemingly made him feel uncomfortable.

“Susanna, I’ve got to say was drooling like a hyperactive Labrador over that picture so Joe you’re clearly hitting all the right spots with the ladies…” the controversial TV personality said.

Piers then went on to question Joe about his love life asking him “You haven’t got any women in your life?” to which Joe responded “We’re not here to talk about girls, we’re here to talk about Lean In 15.” before finally giving in and reluctantly revealing that he does have a girlfriend.

Piers then continued to probe at Joe, questioning everything from his love life to his nutritional advice.

Many fans took to Twitter to request that Piers apologise for his behaviour.

One thing’s for sure: it made for pretty uncomfortable viewing.


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