“Unrecognisable…” Fans are Slamming This Brand’s Latest Pictures Of Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is not only a platinum selling recording artist, the most followed person on Instagram, and Justin Bieber’s rumoured girlfriend (again), she is also a total stunner.

Which is why fans are very confused with her latest ad campaign with fashion designer Coach. The Wolves singer is the new face of the Coach handbag range, which is a huge deal for both the singer and the brand.

However, it seems as if the pictures of Selena have been seriously edited, with some even saying she looks ‘unrecognisable’

“Dear @coach, I understand that every photo that is used in advertising is technically enhanced, as to sell a product you want the photograph to be as perfect as possible,” A Selena fan wrote on Instagram.

“I just do not understand why the choice has been made to edit a woman’s face who is considered socially and globally beautiful, as this sends a message to the viewer, that even a person considered as “perfect”, like Selena Gomez, still isn’t good enough to sell a product.”

“What did you do to her head?,” another commented.

“Wayyyy too much photoshop, she’s so gorgeous,” a third user wrote.

What do you think of the pictures? Just a normal bit of retouching? Or a damaging image to send out to young girls?