Vibrating Tampons Are A Thing And We Don’t Know What To Think

That's it, we've officially heard it all.

Sanitary Products

We’re all for multi-tasking products. A lip balm that doubles as an eyelid primer? We love it. Shower gel that moisturises? We buy it by the bucketload. But tampons that are practical as well as pleasurable? Er, we think that might be a step too far.

Known as the Pleaurepon, this new tampon-pocket rocket hybrid, created by Pink Parcel (the company behind the period subscription box, FYI) has been designed to “change the way women feel about their periods.”

In fact, the brand say that their invention will make “being on your period… not something to dread but something to look forward to…a lot.”

While we’re not entirely convinced (Nothing, not even the prospect of gorging on Ben N Jerrys can make us look forward to our periods) we are super curious.

Like, how do they even get a vibrator in there? Do you need to pull on the string to make it work? Realistically, could it help with cramps?

Crucially though Pleasurapon’s release date just happens to be today April the 1st (DOH!) so we’re guessing, scratch that, hoping that it’s just an April Fool’s day prank and tampons can go back to being what they’ve always been; handy little things that make our periods slightly less of an inconvenience.


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