Wait, What? Kate Winslet Flat Out Denies Going On Holidays With Leonardo DiCaprio

But the pictures, Kate?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are two famous pals that the internet really wants to see together. Of course, there’s the small matter of Kate’s husband Ned Rocknroll stopping this pair going from friendship to relationship.

Still, that didn’t stop everyone speculating wildly when snaps of Leo and Kate seemingly enjoying a break away together in St Tropez went viral last month.

The long-term pals were spotted chilling together poolside and naturally the rumours went into overdrive.

Now, though, Kate wants to set the record straight and has explained that she has never been on holidays with her good pal Leo.

“We weren’t on vacation at all!” the actress told E! “Leo did his annual fundraiser for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. He and I went together and we auctioned off dinner with Jack and Rose and actually raised $1.35 million. It was extraordinary.”

Again Kate reiterated: “I’ve never been on a holiday with Leo!”

Sorry, gang. Looks like this is one Hollywood romance that’s never going to happen.

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