WATCH: Cheryl’s Ex Jean-Bernard Was Asked About Her Baby On Live TV And It Was So Painfully Awkward

He just wants to talk about the Cannes Film Festival, okay?

Oh the awkwardness. In case you missed it, Cheryl’s ex Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning and things got pretty cringey fast.

JB appeared to talk about his pop-up restaurant at the Cannes Film Festival, but host Richard Arnold had a different line of questioning in mind.

“We know you through Cheryl – are you in a good place now?” Richard began.

“I couldn’t be happier,” JB responded. “It’s my new venture, it started last night, and it went very well. We have a good week ahead. 70th film festival. It cannot be better!”

And here’s where the cringe factor went up a notch.

Richard then asked: “Do you have a message for Cheryl about her baby?”

Yes, he went there and it didn’t go down well. In fact, JB decided to dodge the question completely.

“It’s the 70th film festival – we might as well focus on the festival and making it the best possible. It’s my first time with my venture here and I just want to make it count.”

As the cameras cut back to the studio, it was clear the awkward exchange hadn’t gone unnoticed, with host Susanna Reid joking “Hashtag awks.”

Watch the painfully awkward moment here:

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