Watch: Michelle Obama Had The Most Endearing Response To A Man Shouting “Run For President” At Her

He said what we were all thinking, TBH.

Michelle Obama

Since Donald Trump’s election last week, thousands of people have been asking for Michelle Obama to run for president in the next election, so much so that the hashtag #Michelle2020 started trending.

But what does Michelle think about all of this?

Well, there’s no confirmation about whether or not she actually would run for president, but not surprisingly, when the question was put to her directly, she answered it with true class, humility and a little humour.

Michelle was at a press conference making a speech, when a man in the audience yelled out “Run for president” to which Michelle quipped back with a laugh “Be quiet back there.”


Sadly, Michelle has previously stated that she has absolutely no inclination to run for president. In fact, she even said it earlier this year, telling the press “I will not run for president. No, nope, not going to do it.”

Will that have all changed since Trump’s election though?

We certainly hope so because we’re repping FLOTUS for POTUS all the way.


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