Watch: The Unretouched Bikini Body Video That’s Helping Women Feel Better About Their Bodies

#BeachBodyNotSorry: swimsuitsforall and model Denise Bidot have teamed up to encourage women to be “unapologetically you.”

swimsuitforall denise bidot

Have you got bikini body dread at the thought of hitting the beach in your smalls this summer? Well, you might want to watch this un-retouched video that’s encouraging women to embrace their bods just as they are.

Swim brand swimsuitsforall and model Denise Bidot teamed up to encourage women to be “unapologetically you.”

“swimsuitsforall believes women should not apologise or feel shame for their bodies,” said a spokesperson for the company, while in the vid Denise explains how she overcame her own body demons: “Everything when I was younger that I thought was an imperfection I now realise is what makes me me,” she says.

The take-home message if you’re worried about how you’ll look on the beach this summer? “Just wear a bikini that makes you feel comfortable,” says Denise. “It’s all about the confidence.”

Here’s the vid.

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