WATCH: You’re Going To Fall In Love With This Irish Snapchatter Who’s Starring On First Dates Ireland Tomorrow Night

Combining one of our favourite shows with one of our favourite people.

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Last month, First Dates Ireland came back to our screens for a second season, and just as we predicted, it’s got us hooked.

Blossoming romances, first date jitters and awkward (oh-so awkward) first encounters… it’s addictive viewing and this week we’ve got even more reason to tune into the obsession-worthy show.

Why? Cos one of our favourite Irish Snapchatters will be making an appearance, and if the teaser, posted on RTE2’s Facebook page this afternoon, is anything to go by, we’re all going to fall completely in love with him.

In the clip, Paddy Smyth, the man behind the super popular @paddyysmyth Snapchat account, explains that he has two different sides to his personality.

“I have my outrageous side, my Diana Ross side,” laughs Paddy in a piece to camera, adding “I don’t even know why I said Diana Ross. I don’t even like her.”

“I’ve never really had a proper relationship,” Paddy goes on to explain. “Probably down to my insecurity of being disabled, if I’m honest. I’m really bad at talking to guys, I don’t know. They could literally drop their trousers in front of me and I’m like ‘We’re just mates’”.

Aww. Here’s hoping Paddy finds love on tomorrow night’s show.

Tune into RTE2 at 9.30pm on Thursday to find out.


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