Watching Cat Videos Has Been Proven To Bust A Bad Mood. Here Are 5 That Will Give You Major LOLZ

YouTubing cat videos is officially good for you. Here are five we'll be watching right now to celebrate...

crazy cat

Hurrah! You can stop feeling guilty about the hours you spend trawling through YouTube watching funny cat videos because, thanks to a (totally legit) new study, we now know that’s it’s one helluva a deadly way to pass the time.

In a study published in the Computers In Human Behavior Journal, scientists found that after watching cat videos, people felt more energetic, optimistic and happy, and in some cases it even helped to lessen anxiety and depression.

We guess we shouldn’t be too surprised: it’s long been known that pets are de-stressors. A study done at the State University of New York at Buffalo did a really clever thing: researchers looked at 240 married couples, half of whom owned a cat or dog. Those without a pet had higher blood pressure and heart rates, which are generally taken to be markers for stress. So, #GoPets – and we reckon it goes some of the way to explaining our cat video addiction, too.

So, if that’s not a good enough reason to lap up Ninja cat and co. then we don’t know what is.

Here are five of our fave feline-focused vids:

Ninja cat

Angry cats

Standing up cat

Surprised kitty

Keyboard cat